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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 62116  SFGTV  June 30, 2016 12:00am-3:21am PDT

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think i support and a lot of us support, but does not get to the fundamental challenges facing city college, wasn't put together in a collaborative way with city college and presented to the public in an inaccurate way so i join supervisor tang of definitely supportive of putting this forward to the full board of supervisors but i think it's important as we go forward do it eyes wide open. >> supervisor kim. >> i will let supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee. >> i was going to make a motion. >> [inaudible] >> call the question, yeah. i tell you what. we will take them one at a time because there is duplicated file on item 4 unless you have comments speak your peace and we will go ahead with item 3. >> i wanted to one make comment. thank you chair farrell. in response to
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supervisor wiener. i agree when you forward a program there maybe an expectation of continuation of the program of the program and we do this every year and senior meals and hiv services and rental subsidies and there is no guarantee it will. >> beyond year one or two and beyond the years. >> >> so to say it's a reason to question funding free city college today because there may not be adequate funding in the future and that is true for many things that we you understand fund and the average taxpayer understands that and fees go up services get cut, faculty get laid off. it's not that we want them to happen but they often happen in these budget processes so i don't think that's a good enough rationale for not supporting free city college today if we know we have the revenue coming in to fund that program this year. again we want to provide some flexibility as this is a new program. we
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didn't want to make it a charter set aside yet. we want to evaluate how this program would move forward and there was no intent onure part to claim we were solving all of city college's issues and pay raises and faculty issues and the board of trustees has been doing a tremendous job with the administration putting together a assessor's parcelel tax by the voters of san francisco and bringing city college back to where we want to see it. this is one piece and not a magic bullet to solve all of city college's challenges so again colleagues i ask for your support on this measure. >> colleagues any further comments? okay. madam clerk can you do a roll call on item 3. >> is there a second on that
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item? on item 3 supervisor tang. >> aye. >> supervisor yee. >> [inaudible] >> aye. >> supervisor kim. >> aye. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> supervisor farrell. >> no. >> there are four aye's, one no. >> okay. that item passes. madam clerk on item 4 we're going to duplicate the file so first let's take the duplicated file. the second file and have a motion to accept supervisor yee's amendment into the file? motion and second by supervisor kim. take that without objection. on the duplicated file amended by supervisor yee. can i have a motion to continue that resolution to the call of the chair? motion by supervisor yee. second by supervisor kim. we can do so without objection. [gavel] and madam clerk on the original item 4 roll call vote. >> on the motion. supervisor tang. >> aye. >> supervisor yee. >> aye. >> supervisor kim.
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>> aye. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> supervisor farrell. >> no. >> there are four aye's. one no. >> okay that motions passes as well. madam clerk do we have other business in front of us? >> there is no other business. >> thanks everyone. we're adjourned. [gavel] >>[gavel]
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>> good morning everybody and welcome to san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance committee meeting for wednesday june 22, 2016. my name is mark farrell i'm sharing this committee. i'm joined by supervisor katie tang and norman yee and jane kim. scott weiner is joining shortly. i want to thank linda one clerk of our committee as well as sfgov tv for covering today's meeting. with that mdm. clerk any announcements >> yes. please silence all cell phones electronic devices. complete speaker cards >> thank you
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>> city manager: please call item number one >> item number one is the hearing on the city's financial position and requesting the mayor's budget director and the controller to report >> thank you. this item will be continuing all the time in case something comes up we have nothing in today so i will continue this item. with that will first take public comment. anyone wishing to comment on item number one? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> denied a motion to continue item number one >>? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> item number two >> item number two proposed budget and appropriations ordinance four departments of the as of may 31, 2015 for the fiscal year ending june 30, 2017 and june 30, 2010. item number three, >>[reading code] >> thank you mdm. clerk.
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welcome back to our second round of budget hearings. we only have five departments in the second round to get overly that the record. we have two that i understand in agreement and three that are still discussing items. but the talk about as a committee. i'm going to call to outliners that were in agreement first. first i called the department of technology. >> good morning. miguel-city cio department of technology. i am here thrilled to say that we are in agreement with harvey and his office. i want to thank them for their hard work and re-engaging with us and talking through those concerns and coming to agreement with a good >> thank you very much. colleagues if there's no other questions mr. rose can we get a
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report? >> yes mr. chairman and members of the committee, on page 2 of our report, it shows our totals. as either standard upon occurs agrees with the recommended reductions. on page 3 of five of our report and the total recommendations are a 94.603 in 16-17. total general fund savings including the encumbrances are sick 16 9.0 49 and 17-18 116 .239. >> thank you. any questions colleagues? department or budget analyst? okay. with that and i entertain a motion to accept the budget it was recommendations on our department of technology's budget? moved and seconded. we can take that without objection >>[gavel] >> sorry, up next we have department of emergency management. >> good morning supervisor."
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about director of emergency management and it pleases me today to be able to say we are in agreement with mr. rose and the budget analyst i want to just take this opportunity to thank harvey and his staff and the mayor and his staff, melissa and anthony have both been incredible supporters and always the controller's office. most importantly, my cfo, will lee was done a great job this year. thank you >> thank you very much. colleagues, any questions for staff? that euros can we go to our report? >> yes. on page 14 of our report recommended reductions to the proposed budget and 60-70 total 187.651 which a one-time savings. still allow an increase of about $10.8 million or 13.1% in the province budgeted we do not recommend any reductions for
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the proposed budget and 17-acting as either standard the department doesn't concur with these recommendations on page 15 of our report >> thank you. colleagues any questions or budget analyst with about? and i entertain a motion to accept the budget recommendations? moved and seconded. we can take that without objection >>[gavel] >> up next, naomi kelly is here. we will do office of city minister, ms. kelly the barman of homelessness after here and will go to police. >> good afternoon i'm sorry good morning supervisors. naomi kelly city administrator. we have not got in agreement with the budget analyst and i think this is the first time in my time as being city administrator. we have agreed as of last week to three and $64 .339 and cuts. we are in disagreement over 495 canopy
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suit comes down to three positions. two of them are with our to contact compliance officers with the office of labor standards and enforcement. i think i should point out in the last two years there have been four corridor passed by the board of supervisors that would increase the workload with the office of labor standards and enforcement it every thing from the formal retail corridor, their chance corridor, minimum wage ordinance and the parental paid leave ordinance. in fiscal year 14, at the end of the year was about 110 cases opened in the last 10 years corridor and outreach to workers we ended with a caseload of 214 case
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good i think it's very important to add new contact compliance officers we can help with the rollout of the paid parental leave ordinance. everything from outreaching to businesses, a reaching to workers, establishing rules which were going to affect in january 27. that's a heavy workload to do between now and then. it's not that we can absorb this work back into existing contracts because as you just heard, they have a huge caseload from the existing laws that they need to address. this, by addressing it in staffing closing about as fast as possible, that is money for workers who have not gotten the correct minimum wage, not got out there. that is money that does not go back to the city because back to the worker to rectify if they were not given their fair wage. so, i would argue that you please adopt our allow for these two positions to be passed. second, other position is the own 933, the basic identity 0933 with a digital service didn't come a which is a new division i discussed this last week that would be looking at how do we create a new team that looks at
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, how do we provide better services to the residents of san francisco be looking at the processes at doing our business with the city and county of san francisco online. how do we streamline those processes? a good example of the opposite short-term rentals. how do we streamline the registration process so that we can encourage more and more people were doing short-term rentals to register in a sufficient way. how do we-many people want to come and get birth certificates or marriage certificate. can you do it online? dog licenses. can we get dog licenses online versus take-up time to come down to city hall figuring out the maze of bureaucracy, and then finding those license. many working people do not have the luxury to take off during the business hours to come and do this. how do we make the services of san francisco more
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accessible to the residence in the first of san francisco and not as accessible as in the convenience of doing it online, but this language efficiencies, disability making it accessible for disability access and much more. so, in the next year, when i want to focus on again is as i said, how do we make just starting with those programs in the city administrator's office. dog licenses. items either the county clerks office whether it's marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, and also opposite short-term rentals. how do we focus and make those services more efficient to the residence and tourist of san francisco. i would hope that you would approve the 0933. >> thank you very much miscalculation would back in a second. mr. rose, go to report, please? >> yes. members of the committee, on page 7 of our
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report our total recommended general fund reductions in 16-17 re: 57.333. in 17 and 18, the total is 732.269. so, supervisors, let me clarify the two recommendations that the department disagrees with. the first one is on page 9 of our report. on the digital services program first of all were recommending approval of two of three requested you positions. so, we absolutely believe this is an essential function and we are recommending two of three. the one position that we do not believe is justified-let me mention the two positions that were recommending on ias-business analyst and a project manager. the one position that we do not believe is justified is a manager five position, and we note that according to the department of human resources, job-the actual job description, the
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manager five is responsible for managing divisions of medium to large size. this digital services program has only three proposed employees. we are recommending approval of two of the three. so, we do not believe that the manager of five position is justified. i would be happy to respond to any questions. i can go to the next one. however the committee want to do this >> okay. so, in terms of just to be clear, on page 9 we are talking about the entire line item here that the 239 savings that you're talking about in the digital services, and then- >> that is correct. that is just one position. >> understood. the ones in dispute on the contact compliance with oh lse, this is
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the one 18 and 339. >> that's a good two army to just clarify >> that's fine. i understand. >> okay >> so, colleagues, we have a discussion here and would have to make a decision. i will note just on the outside, we agreed upon is not an agreement right now. quickly we can get through committee. if not we have one more matter of committee that can break a logjam 01 way or another. if we need to but hopefully we can get it done without that. mr. rose >> mr. chairman can i make one statement on the contact compliance position >> please >> again we are fully supportive. were recommending those position. we are stating their vacant positions to fill the vacant positions. that's why we are so, even though this is a reduction we are providing as a matter of fact, our recommendation provides for reducing attrition savings. that means to increase the
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salaries in order that they can fill the vacant positions. so, our statement to you is you should not in our judgment, you should not add new positions when you have existing vacant positions. and we are providing the necessary funds to fill those positions. if you accept our recommendation. >> thank you mr. rose. supervisor kim >> i'm sorry mr. rose. back to director kelly, just want to ask again, you approved two out of the three position to use out of their position wasn't necessary because it is in a medium-size organization so that level you disagree with that level of pay and classification? but you also feel this could be filled by existing vacant positions?. no. there's two separate recommendations supervisor kim. the first one you refer to is the digital services program and you're absolutely right. we have recommended approval of two of the three new positions. the reason why we recommended
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the disapproval of this manager position is because according to dhr, it's not our judgment-as you stated, it-that position is just justified from medium to high level organizations it is only three employees in this entire organization. it doesn't-we did not create the human resources classification. with respect to contact and compliance officers are we are recommending against two of those, only because there are seven vacant positions. >> there are seven vacant contact compliance officer positions currently. how many are actually filled?, the ftes are currently filled
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>> of the seven vacant therefore filled with temporary positions and the other remaining ones were actively recruiting right now in this interview set up >> how many total contact compliance officers are there within [inaudible] >> 18. >> of the 18 seven are vacant whether taking full and seven vacant? >> of the 18 there is other seconds seven vacant for a filled with people right now. >> right. i'm trying to figure out if you have 18, +7, or if there seven vacant of the 18? >> of the 18 positions,, seven of them are technically vacant but god for that are >> filled with temporary positions >> yes >> i'm sorry >> supervisor kim, i want to clarify what we did in our recommendation because the department was stating that they do not have sufficient full-time salary funds to fill all the vacant positions. so, we listen to that statement and we made a recommendation now
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before you to reduce attrition savings. by reducing attrition savings, that means were increasing the salaries needed to fill the vacant positions. so, it's just a pure calculation. anyone can dispute the calculation. if you accept our recommendation, what you would be doing instead of creating a new position you be feeling vacant position. >> can i ask-i'm sorry that i will come back to you so you can respond to mr. rose's comments but if i can just ask one more question. so, there is currently seven vacant positions of which are city administrator has said there's four filled temporarily. this three vacant positions, +2 new requested positions of which you are saying you may not need because we just fill those three. the two positions, what month is a "pickdoes it begin? >> my understanding october 1 the
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>> ms. kelly of the can respond and i have some follow-up questions. >> just to be attrition come i think if we set something to make you think it was with other standards and enforcement made of in a different division. we do have the funds to fund those position. i was a little lost on the last argument may we can just talk off-line on that., but back to the digital service positioned in the own night three days, i want to make it very clear to the board of supervisors that dhr approved this level of position because it's not just a medium-size department in the budget. the complexity and the skill set that's needed to put together a program of this nature. so, you need someone with a higher level of leadership and skills that this was something dhr approved at this level opposition and i think i should note and put that out there. >> supervisors, just to clarify. supervisor kim, dhr is the way it goes. you know this. the department requested
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a position. they then discuss it with dhr and dhr says, no, you don't need level of that position. the department goes back to dhr and they say, yes, we do need a. i understand. okay. we approve it. that's the way it happens. the bottom line is, there's three positions in this department. you don't need that high level of a position. >> so, coming back to ms. kelly, i know that you had mentioned that there is almost a double of open cases now due to the lack of staffing. but i wasn't aware of that there are three more positions to fill, and tonight asking for two more on top of that. i just want to understand if you do really need two additional, if these three additional wouldn't help with those remaining cases? >> that three additional, not only do we have these ordinance we also the billing wage unit doing with attrition in those
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cases that need to happen. there is a huge caseload that we have to address. so, those existing-just the 18 can help with existing caseload. that's not adding on a new corridor. so i strongly feel that we need two more positions to help with the increasing number of legislation that is being passed to effectively implement those pieces of legislation could >> with a fork every workers, their pathway to become permanent employees we picked >> were working on having now >> rate. if you have three remaining positions is it real realistic you'll higher off i by october of this year? >> belfry. if we get two more we can start the hiring process until october. >> correction we should make at least those two remaining is made we should start them at a later date that october of 2016. if you want people to item by over 2016. >> the remaining two? >> for the remaining two
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>> have them- >> just give us a realistic timeframe so that >> it we can make that a amendment >> i think that's fine >> so those are my remaining questions. i overhauled to support sb nails make sure there's enough staff to do with contract compliance. i think that's incredibly important in the door as much legislation to protect our workers and we do want make sure those legislations are enforced. if we come up with a realist realist at hiring remaining to give an there's two vacant positions that would be what i would like to see forward. i do a lot of questions about the digital services program. i do appreciate the presentation did. i think this is hard because i like to say some of the tangible goals and outcomes that would be produced by the end of the following year for us to evaluate this program was moving forward in the right direction. so, i will have some further questions on that later on in the process. >> supervisor yee
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>> ms. kelly, just to clarify, you are saying that the three remaining vacancies, vacant positions could be filled by october? >> yes >> if you adapt to additional you'll give us a realistic time that could be those could be filled? >> i'm sorry. i cannot hear the question. >> if you were to have two more additional people that would be compliance officers, you are saying by january that would be realistic in terms of filling those additional two? >> i think with supervisor kim and if i heard her right delaying the start, when those pictures rooms with come on. we would have access to those positions in january. have them
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as a .75 and .5 fte which means we could not suck the hiring process until january. >> okay. >> colleagues, any further questions or discussion? i would just say for my perspective and supervisor kim if you have questions about it, i want to be able to support the departments certainly the contract compliance with-i believe were all sensitive to i want to support in terms of digital services, this is actually something i've been wanting and asking for for long time and hope they would move towards just a more consumer friendly city government if you will. i think this is the step in that direction to so something i definitely want to be supporting as well. i know that we discussion with that supervisor tang >> thank you. i think for the contract compliance officers i would agree with supervisor kim's suggestion on the later start date in january. i think it sounds like we might all be in agreement on that. in terms of the other manager position,
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i would just say that if some of the comments i made last hearing i completely understand why we need someone at that salary level to attract the talent we hope so that we can transform the way we do business online as a city government. we are not very good at what we do online. so, to try to get more people to be able to file permits or to apply for things, look up information online, i think we do need someone who has probably some private-sector experience. i don't know. someone who heavily has not been so entrenched in our city government second us four. so, ideally, i think we would have loved to seen someone ready a lower position level but i understand this a huge undertaking that we are trying to embark upon. so, i would actually support the program them i can sorry, the digital
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services program that manager position. >> okay. supervisor kim >> thank you. i do think were in agreement on the contract compliance officers beginning in january. i think that's incredibly important. i do continue have questions about the digital services program. not because of dir. kelley's leadership yet i think that she does a tremendous job come up but i have in general just over the last six years been skeptical of the city's ability to deliver digital online services but also our ability to attract and actually this is not the fault of the city. we happen to live in a region where we have an amazing number of companies that are attracting the best engineers and programmers. it's frankly just very difficult for the city to compete at you had a higher salary range. i understand the justification for a higher salary range. i think it's needed. i did a more
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tangible outcomes that we know what ongoing to be achieved in your one, year two, so the we have a way of evaluating the digital service program is actually meeting the needs are city residents. i like overall concept. i was more of our services, my. i just wanted able understand how the city can actually deliver to the three positions in me that conversation can continue but i want to express that. >> supervisors, i think thank you for recommending that we need a high level position four-we need them with the leadership and skill set to bring this to a point where we can get you every-for the next year or two we the metrics and what we plan i think accomplish, i think we look the federal government as an example when president obama will doubt the affordable care act the and website just completely collapsed which was very important for all of us in the nation to get on the website. he brought in a very high level team to do exactly what we are trying to do here in san francisco. if-this is
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really infancy stages of our time to develop this and just put this first year were really laying the foundation. everything from setting up processes to the look and feel ,, to the technical architecture of our website and the interfaces within the different departments. if i was to say, here's what i want to accomplish this first year it would exactly that. plus looking at it in the city administrators role of areas where we could help immediately where doing a lot of thinking about officer short-term rentals in getting online registration because many of those lightly were wrongly, are saying, many of those renting short-term rentals are saying, well the registration process is too cumbersome. i want them to have that excuse anymore. so we are working through how to make that online registration happen
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so they can comply with these laws that were passed by the board of supervisors. other things we here just if you're going into the neighborhood and the residence, i'd like a dog walkers and inefficient man. can we-i would love to have that be like one of the number one priorities to make that happened this year. other things with the county clerk's office. marriage certificates, death certificates. birth certificates. having that in a more user-friendly way where you can do it online. so, those-i would focus on at this first year so that there would be-you can see the benefits of how having this program and having someone with the right skill set can deliver this in a-in the time frames we promised to the board of supervisors dynasty in your frustration supervisor kim which is why i want a separate team within city administrators office. >> the timing. supervisor
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tammy >> supervisor yee >> in regards to what you're trying to do i don't think i am have any issues with the city trying to do this. the question i would have is we have a whole department come at this it, and we talked about this just trying to consolidate as much as possible so that were not having different departments doing their own thing. it just feels to me like it's moving in the opposite direction. so, what your comments around that? pretty soon one of every department to mature as insane, we need this to >> this is not take away the department technologies work load. they were actually working hand-in-hand with us. the video much of the technical architecture of this. this is bigger then maybe the digital
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service is a confusing name. this is really about the public experience and the customer experience more than just setting of the technical architecture. it's going into those departments and saying, what is the business processes hear? how can we streamline this? with short-term rental summits actively working with the treasury tax collector's office and their process with a patrick guy in the opposite short-term rental would be assessor recorder and how do we streamline our different processes so that it just one. that's bigger than an it person role. that is having a change agent, someone looking at actual paper processes not automating something that is not sufficient and going across different departments to do it. again, this is like this endeavor will take more than three position could it's working hand-in-hand with the department of technology. not taking work away from the
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department of technology and they should be quite frankly focusing just our fundamentals, network. fixing our network. fixing managing our data. managing our internet. managing our telephone that's like the core business of the department of technology. >> you know, i'm inclined to want something like this to happen. it's true that you go out in the field people talk complain all the time about oh my god, i can't figure this thing out. however, there's a piece of it where, given that you're going to have this unit, are you going to accomplish that were not? i don't know. are you asking us to put this to the ongoing? i'm wondering if we could put some qualifiers around this insane but give it a shot for one year budget it for one year and come back our next budget cycle and say, this is what we've done. so that
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at least early, everything were comfortable you guys actually have would be moving in the right direction and accomplishing something >> the problem with that another deal to two counts 01 your position. not to get the right person to come in and want to be able to-i won't have the right skill set or be able to recruit the right person to come and take this job it is just a one-year job there's no guarantee that i might have a longer-term position. so that makes me a lot uncomfortable. to do that. [inaudible] out there is if i would ask for the position of authority and then
12:37 am
let me go to the other enterprise departments to say, because people believe in this program, from the good government efficiency standpoint, let's see back in recruit from them. 12 fund the position below me have the position authority and give back the >> mr. chairman and the committee, i think that's a reasonable compromise because then the general fund then you have a general fund savings from this position. if the committee decides that the position is necessary in the first place, but if the committee will decide to have this position, and with the department just proposed what ms. kelly just propose is to fund it using non-general fund monies. >> okay i better take [inaudible] this kelly you're proposing position authority but no budgetary authority from the general fund years one and two on this position? >> yes >> okay >> i can live with that. >> supervisor tang >> that proposal would be fine with me. i would just say that
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i haven't seen our small business portal launched in the last what, year or two i probably would've been very skeptical of this project but just seen without was able to do with the public, i do believe that we have the talent and we will need to attract more talent to make this happen citywide. so, actually, i really hope everyone has used that portal to see what's possible here. >> okay. with that, colleagues if i can summarize potentially our thoughts, is that we would accept a budget analyst recommendations on our city administrators budget with the exception of allowing the position authority for the just the position of the digital services program and then also, not accepting the contract compliance officers cuts, except, we are going to have them start january 1. colleagues, is that consistent? >> yes >> ms. kelly, is that
12:39 am
something that works for you? colleagues, can have a motion to that effect? moved and seconded. do we need any clarification over here at all? okay. we can take it without objection. supervisor kim? so moved >>[gavel] >> thank you. i know mr. kaczynski zero department of homelessness. i think we have a defined this agreement hears we can work on that. >>good morning, supervisors and thank you for calling me here today. we appreciate the work we been doing with the-and very close to have a few areas where we disagree. just to. actually, the position, 095320933 which
12:40 am
is the deputy director for external affairs position, as well as the transferring a position from an 0923 282917 per director of communications and strategic planning. all other recommendations we are now in agreement with, including pleasing on reserve the funding which would be available should the sales tax measure passed. >> okay. colleagues from any questions write up? mr. rose, we go to your report please >> yes good demos of the committee, the two disagreements with the first one is on page 25. what we are stating is a recommended downward substitution for one deputy director three position.
12:41 am
with a salary of $180,000. to a manager five position, with a salary of 168.049. the mayor's office is requested three deputy director three positions in the new department of homelessness in supportive services of which one is a new position and to our substitutions of existing positions. the proposed downward substitution is consistent with the function of the proposed position, which oversees the communications and external affairs and supervision-the supervisor seven staff. so that's the basis of our recommendation on page 25 and the other disagreement, actually, there's partial agreement on this. let me clarify. on page 26, we are recommending a savings. there's two separate line items but professional and specialized services. we are recommending a savings of 96.178. the department does agree with 63, 326 of that 96.178. they disagree with the balance, which is 32 852 of that 96 170. what we've stated is, to reduce
12:42 am
professional context to account for twitter $50,000 in contra costa strategic planning and needs assessment and the downward substitution from one term manager to position to support this strategic planning needs assessment process with salary and mandatory fringe benefits of 186.674 which we added by the mayor's office of technical adjustment to the one new limited term, 29.17 program support analyst position. salary and benefits fringe benefits of 150.822. the specter the temporary salaries, which is not in fiscal year 16-17. that is in fiscal year 17-18 on the top of page 26 on the right-hand side, the department disagrees with that recommendation. that's a savings of $33,000. our recommendation is to reduce and achieve that savings temporary salaries to reflect the
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difference in the salary and fringe benefit costs due to the downward substitution from the one manager to position to be submitted by the mayor's office of technical adjustment. this is when 29.17 program support analyst position as we have recommended. >> college, any questions or comments for mr. rose was that? okay. i'll just voice my opinion here. i think given the amount of work that's going in here creating a new department we want to give our department is much in my opinion, leeway and authority as possible and were talking a small amount of cuts. i would be in favor of accepting mr. rose's recognition except for these two positions to mr. kaczynski has articulated but what further discussion, colleagues. supervisor tang >> i would support that as well. the two positions. >> okay. can i entertain a
12:44 am
motion than? the with no other questions? moved and seconded. we can take that without objection. >>[gavel] >> thank you mr. kaczynski. congratulations on being done with your first budget season. okay lease but not last a police department. thank you for being you. in deference to supervisor avalos is been patiently waiting or 01 allow him to speak before we get moving or in cases other commitments. >> thank you. i been paying attention working and following along. so thank you for your work. i just want to say that this idea about the reserve is something that i'm still going to be pursuing. i have actually reached out to the chief to make sure we can have conversations before july 19,
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when the board will have the budget in our hands. at that time, we can make a motion about doing a reserve. i did come out, i think on june 1, when the mayor first announced the budget. the board chamber, i said we would do look at doing a reserve and i said $29. having a look at work closely at the budget and seen to enter nine dollars at about $577 million budget, and how much is for wages and benefits, $200 million seems-would be too sizable to allow the department to carry out its work towards reforms making sure that their implement it throughout the department, so i will be making an effort for a smaller reserve. but, one that can work towards holding the department accountable to agreed-upon metrics about how we measure reform happening in the use of force, and employment of crisis
12:46 am
intervention teams, at the precinct level, not just training, but employment of those teams. as well as, looking at officers, how officers are hired, promoted, especially laterals. and looking at disciplinary action in the event of racial profiling. so, those are the measurements were putting in place and i'll be working to make sure that they are really specific and measurable metrics that can be before us and we would-if for making the reserve at the full board, it would require a hearing at the full board that the public. i was just talking with one of the commanders, commander lee that could be something we could do as a joint meeting between the board of supervisors and the
12:47 am
police commission because really the whole effort of reform should be directly under their purview. what i think it makes sense that we have a joint commission to do that. so, his mother reserve, i think, would be one that can make sure the department can have flexibility in his budget to be able to carry out the responsibility of carrying out the reforms and ensure that the department is able to do the work of its contribution to public safety in san francisco. >> thank you supervisor avalos. with that, to our police department and thank you for being here and for your continued work on the budget. >> good morning supervise the deputy chief hector on behalf of chief tony chaplin. supervisors, that apartment has been discussing the recommendation internally and also with the budget and was office and we developed an alternate proposal that we want to submit to you. are prepared to submit to you today for your consideration. with that i like to call up cfo kathryn mcguire
12:48 am
to discuss the details of this proposal. >> thank you very much. >> good morning supervise. catherine acquired from sfpd. so, the concept of our proposal is essentially that we would cut our health benefits costs in year 1 x 500,000 dollars, and then increasing that to $1 million in year two with an additional $89,000 $149 the we have available intervening balance for public safety building furniture fixtures and any budget. then, finally, we would realize $1 million in current years salary savings we would be able to offer to the committee at this point. then, so that is alternative proposal and were happy to entertain any questions that you might have. i think that deputy chief sinus
12:49 am
is able to speak to the items regarding reform that we are not that apartment is not prepared to accept those to be put on reserve. >> okay. colleagues come any questions right now? i'm sure we'll have discussion you. any questions at the second? this arose when we go to your report. >> is a chairman and members of the committee, as you know the recommendations start on page 17 of our report. let me state that the police department continues to disagree with every single one of our recommendations. my understanding is that the mayor's office and the police department proposal for alternative recommendations total 1.5 million in 16-17 and twitter $50,000 and 17-18. i could be wrong on that but that's our understanding. i've not seen this proposal in writing myself. as compared to
12:50 am
our-and that compares to our recommended reductions of $2.1 million and 16-17 and $1.79 and 17-18. the reductions proposed by the mayor's office and the police department did not reflect our analysis and recommendations to the police department's proposed budget in any way shape or form. we consider approval of these alternative productions get odyssey, to be a policy matter for the committee. further, we continue to recommend a reserve 01 $.4 million in fiscal year 16-17 percentages related to police reform measures. let me make one other comments about it. if it apartment is now stating to this committee that they can give you $1 million in salary savings, think about that statement supervisors. you know that there's a lot more than $1 million if they are stating here today that they
12:51 am
can achieve $1 million worth of salary savings. in the exact same manner they've achieved millions of dollars, two, three, four, $5 billion of salary savings the last 4-5 years. so, taking a million-dollar offering $1 million to this committee in my judgment is not a very good proposal. one other point, supervisors, and this relates to the police department. regarding the dist. atty.'s budget, we were told yesterday by the mayor's office that the mayor cementing technical adjustments of $1.99 and the dist. atty. 16-17 budget, which includes one senior positions related to officer involved shootings, please misconduct and conviction reviews. these new positions would cost $2.5 million in 17-18. we that no one opportunity whatsoever to analyze the justification for these 14 new positions can therefore, we recommend the budget and finance committee places do expenditures in the
12:52 am
district attorney's office of $1.99 in fiscal year 16-17 and $2.5 million in fiscal year 17-18 on budget compliance committee reserve if the committee decides to approve those positions so that the mayor's office can submit a cover the plan presents new resources related to police reform measures and so the budget and legislative analyst can view such expenditures and report back to the budget and finance committee. i'll be happy to respond to any questions >> thank you mr. rose. supervisor tang >> actually had a quick question for the police department if you had a hard copy of your alternative proposal? >> i believe something is on its way. >> thank you. >> okay. supervisor yee >> i like to hear your response 40 overtime reduction that the budget analyst is recommending because maybe i'm following his logic in terms of the reason why we would've had
12:53 am
the need for more overtime in general about the special events. it's because of the lack of police officers or the under number that we want to get to some of which is the 1971 and it seems like this year between this year and next her with all the academy classes we will be catching up which means that it, it's logical to assume that the need for overtime is going to be reduced. >> supervisor, i'm happy to address that question. so, i lead a rate that the request we made in our budget was a $3.6 million move of money from existing budget into the overtime budget that is reflective of the amount of
12:54 am
money that we spend on court they come in and when the city and i think i said this in the last hearing so pardon the repetition, i can be when the city transferred over to the new payroll system, payroll coding changed, and so where our payroll for court date was getting premium pay previously, it is now hitting overtime. so, we are now changing the budget to reflect that change. so the 3.6 billion dollar increase in overtime budget reflects that change. it doesn't actually reflect an increase in overtime or an expenditure in general. but to address your question that further, we have-i have a slide if the our media services can switch us over there. it shows that-i can just walk through this it doesn't change over. our use of overtime is 26%
12:55 am
for defense. court appearances represent 22%. arrests are 21% get investigation 17%, ongoing police operations such as homeless outreach and those sorts of things is 7.8%. dignitary visits is 4.5 and critical incident response such as what involvement is 1.7%. so, as you can see you dance don't actually constitute a preponderance of our overtime usage and we don't have any backfill so to speak of officers we don't do that. such as maybe the fire department or other department might need to with the sheriffs department might need to fill a fixed post. >> mr. chairman, members of the committee supervisor yee, on page 18 of our report i
12:56 am
won't read this explanation, but let me state having listened to that apartment, nothing whatsoever changes in the expedition as to why we have recommended a reduction of 1.6 million dollars in the overtime account with related mandatory benefits. >> okay. colleagues, any further discussion were questions? we are going to wait to see on that out of deference the proposal back. so, we will be hearing when we go into recess for 5 min. and -is that a reasonable time to -we will be in recess for 5 min. and we will be back. thanks. >>[gavel] >>[recess]. >> welcome back from recess
12:57 am
everyone. ronald gregory scheduled board of supervisors meeting for june 22, 2016. i should say budget and finance committee of the board of supervisors. we are back hearing item 2 and three that i was a quickly on the record, the party had public comment for our budget this year for two and three so we are not going to have more public comment was a i asked our clerk to make sure were clarified on that on the record. with that, we are police department up perhaps to our cfo, could you
12:58 am
work this through the discussion on item here. >> so, as i mentioned before, the initial-we have health benefits cut of about $500,000 in the first year, which would increase to $1 million in the second year. he 8001 $94 that's available from-a remaining balance on project that was for the furniture and fixtures in the public safety building. then, $1 million in salary savings the current year that would be available for use and that is the summary of our proposal. >> okay. before any questions, mr. rose i'm looking at your reports. i want to be cleared. so, your recommendations in year one total 2,000,000.065229?
12:59 am
so, the departments basically suggesting 1589 of that. just think about numbers >> absolutely >> you propose basically 1.7 in year two and a proposing one flat >> correct >> so can you talk about in your one recommendation the ongoing savings versus the one-time savings that you're recommending here? >> either broad level or what- >> sure. on page 18 of our report where we talked about actually, the first recommendation on page 18, we are talking about ongoing savings of-and this is the
1:00 am
overtime. so that would be ongoing savings which is about $1.6 million. that would continue the ongoing savings. >> that is the overtime chunk, correct? >> correct. i would mention to the committee if you think about it, the department had spent $2.9 million in overtime this year for the super bowl. there is no super bowl next year. all of the balance of the savings mr. chairman, our one-time savings. that includes the attrition savings on the bottom of page 18 and that amount was approximately $20,000. do you see that on the bottom of page 18? on page 19, there is programmatic budgets good that's $114,000. again, that's one-time savings. we
1:01 am
point out that the mayor's 16-17 budget for the body camera program of $3.3 million is two and $73 .423 more when the amount requested by their common in $553,000 more than the amount budgeted in 15-16. then, ken attrition savings of $183,000 that is to account for delays in hiring timelines. good this is just one time for a hiring position. that's why we said it's a one-time savings as opposed to ongoing. again, the same thing on that that was $183,000 in the last one $119,000 on the bottom of page 19, again, that's for hiring timelines. so that's- >> all right. that is helpful >> i would also point out, supervisors, we do have the recommendations. i think we can
1:02 am
explain these for putting monies on the reserve, on pages 20 and 21 and 22 report and be happy to respond to any questions in that regard. just, in summary, when the department offers salary savings of $1 million, which they did, and here in 2013-14, that apartment had surplus salaries of 4.5 million, and 14-15 3.75 and 15-16 $2 million, to offer 1 million and even our recommendations, we are leaving millions of dollars on the table with our very conservative recommendations. >> thank you mr. rose. supervisor kim >> thank you mr. rose. i apologize for making you repeat these numbers again. but you had mentioned salary savings
1:03 am
over the last three years amounting to way above the $1 million that the police department is offering this. could you repeat 03 numbers again? >> absolutely. and 13, 14, $4,500,000. this is surplus salary savings in the three years. 13-14, 3 million and 15-16, julian .467 4472. at last, that 15-16 is even with the 3 million, or 2.9 million, with the extra overtime for the super bowl. >> got it. thank you mr. rose. so, back to the police department. given that in the last three years you had much larger surplus salary savings at four, three and $2 million, could you explain why you're only offering 1 million in return this following your? >> supervisors, unfortunately i'm not familiar with the numbers that the legislative analyst is citing. we often see
1:04 am
those salary savings but they're offset by other costs within what his character over over one of total salary budget. so, when we have shortfalls in other locations that in those salary savings make up for. with regards to 15-16, we are projecting and it is reflected in the budget analyst report, were projected $18.39 cost and 50-16 for overtime of which, yes, if you were to look back out super bowl, that brings us to $15.4 million in the current year. our budget is $15.1 million. so, with respect to overtime, that is the proposal.
1:05 am
>> can you explain your disagreement on the attrition savings that the dla report has attributed the $20,000 in september, $119,000 and the $183,000? >> again we pull up to a little bit higher level when were balancing our budget. were looking at right now and 15-16 we have 38 physicians budgeted for attrition. we currently we have 37 positions of baking. moving into the new fiscal year with the positions have been proposed in the budget. that's five more positions. this would increase our attrition rates by four positions so we would only be able to-we would not be able to hire those positions and were getting in the budget because we already have so many positions filled that we would be able to make those higher >> so, if we approve these attrition reductions it would prevent the police department from hiring for officers, for replacement officers? >> for of those five
1:06 am
positions >> for civilian physicians? >> for our [inaudible] and if it is civilian >> four of five civilian positions and one is managing some of the reform efforts? >> four positions are [inaudible] related >> what does that mean to be reformulated? >> meeting a result for reform and two at mit positions that support analytical functions and or development of a number of cold walls for reform. one is managing reform response to reform and really project managing all the changes that are happening >> at is done through civilian, not through one of this one officers of the police department? >> it reports with deputy chief and so project manager still is not necessarily it doesn't necessarily have to be is one this would
1:07 am
delay the hire of those positions? >> correct >> okay, thank you >> mr. chairman, just to the chair, our recommendation is based on the report of 17 vacancies the department currently has. that's what they reported to us. it's merely saying, this is how long it's been it take to hire these positions and to adjust the attrition accordingly. it's recognizing reality, not sort of a budget number. so it's really very practical recommendation. >> okay. colleagues from any other conversations were questions? perhaps supervisor yee >> before going to move forward with this, i'm
1:08 am
comfortable not taking the recommendations of the budget analyst in regards to these particular positions that supervisor kim was just discussing. i am comfortable supporting the analysts recommendation with the overtime and the rationale for that is that it's true were not have a super bowl that the cost of stars 2.6-is a 2.6?-of overtime. so, this is not 2.6 that he's recommending but 1.6. so i am comfortable with that recommendation. >> okay. supervisor kim >> no. [inaudible] >> supervisor tang >> thank you. i'll just in response to supervisor yee's recognition i think not
1:09 am
overtime issue i do understand in terms of the change in the accounting program as well as i know the budget analyst p super bowl issue. however, we did have less officers back then, correct? >> yes >> so we are going to more officers as we graduate more academy classes and so in terms of just saying that because we do not have the super bowl then we don't need to have the overtime for next year, i don't know if that really completely make sense. i do know if you can elaborate on that olivia ward? >> i be happy to sort of show you a little bit about her overtime actuals in the last few years. i have a slide
1:10 am
sorry, i can't tell if it's up. only the media services can switch on the slide projector. >> we can see it here >> great. as you see the little small bars on top of the greater big blue bars represent that court page that we been talking about and so you'll see and 13-14 the actual court page that switch happened in the years of the court pay was actually $3.2 million in that year and in so as you can see, our overtime for that year would have been was $13.4 million. then, we move into 14-15 and its $14.2 million in move into 15-16 and its $15.4 million. if you start factoring in: was and those sorts of things that really is where a budget increases are happening. were not talking about an increase-i wish i actually had that slide to show you the number of hours that were working overtime and so as you
1:11 am
can see, it's not a huge increase in overtime that we are talking about. were not talking about an increase in overtime in the budget either. >> okay. i mean, i feel like the alternative proposal is very close to what the budget analyst had recommended. i understand the ongoing actually let me clarify. is the alternative proposal to $1.5 million you proposed in cuts, is that ongoing? were just one-time? >> the $500,000 in health is ongoing. >> so that's the only one? >> correct >> mr. chairman, i just want to
1:12 am
clarify one thing on our overtime proposed it is also still out the super bowl were talking about when we are talking about the change in year-to-year from overtime. which is there also be 160 more please officers in the street and even some of the slide earlier some amount of overtime is incurred just for routine police patrol. we think within addition of regular police and concerns certainly a change in the number of major events by not having the super bowl, that there will in fact be a decrease in overtime over the current year. we also believe our recommendation is account the shifting of court pay from premium pay into the overtime bundle. so we believe the overtime recommendation, because some amount of overtime and scheduling of overtime is discretionary in the police department's park. they have in prior years been able to bring the overtime down. it's been inching up her recent years as police tapping those up we would like to see a corresponding decrease in the overtime. >> supervisor yee >> thank you for that expiration. that sort of hours looking at it logically. there
1:13 am
is-you do not have the required number of police officers available, so you would need more overtime. i am inclined to , again, support the analysts recommendation. it's not to say that if this, going into the next year, if there is actually some evidence that you really need more overtime that we-i think we've done this before where we ashley get a supplemental for overtime? in the past? so if that point would you feel like the budget amount is not enough and you really need more, and you just show us why you need it, i would be supporting a supplemental the right now, i'm not seeing that.
1:14 am
>> okay. supervisor kim >> i was can it concur with supervisor yee. i do support the budget legislative analyst recommendation on overtime and i agree if there's additional need the police department can as they have in the past come to the full board for a supplemental. i do support actually the attrition reduction. i'm that i don't think at budget committee but they seem to be reasonable requests that being said, i'm happy to prove move forward with the overtime recordation put forward by the dla. >> supervisor tang >> here's an idea media compromise. what if we put that overtime amount on reserve? budget committee reserve and if we were to do that, will be the impact of that we pick >> the overtime amount on reserve i guess that could be a
1:15 am
good customize actually because it's either that or we come for supplemental anyway. so because is my slide shows, we are projecting 15.4 this year. our budget is 15.1. so, we would be-if the budget comes down by 1.7, 1.6 million, they will be coming back for supplemental anyway so we put on reserve were coming back to you to talk through those things. we can do that >> supervisor yee >> my preference would be that we don't put that piece on reserve because if we do there's now not available for anything else. i would be willing to take, instead of 1.6 the budget analyst is suggesting, that we reduce it by 1.1 so that ongoing will end up to be the same with the ongoing savings would benefit
1:16 am
health payment of 1.6. >> supervisor yee could you articulate that one more time? >> if i'm just focusing on the ongoing, which the overtime would provide 1.6 of ongoing savings, the police department suggested some other proposals which one of them is the budgeted health payment and i think the fringes change in which we said that this would be only piece that is ongoing. >> i thought that was one time but that is the ongoing peace the 500,000? >> either thousand and going to your 1 million in year two. >> right >> so i am suggesting the compromise would be that we take 1.1 of the overtime to be reduced instead of 1.6. and
1:17 am
that the net result would be pretty much the same of 1.6 ongoing savings could >> okay. >> so, so i'm just trying to understand here just so we are could. 1.1 on ot >> to reduce it by 1.1. >> that's in years one and two? >> yes. >> is there anything else? sorry- >> i believe to accept the 500,000 fringe change as proposed by the police about it and both budget health payment over the two years so a total of 1.6 savings. is that correct supervisor trini yee >> yes. again, the
1:18 am
recommendation on the budget analyst for reduction of the overtime is 1.6. so i'm trying to get to a a similar figure that ongoing good so one way to do that is to accept the budget budgeted health payment or fringe benefits of $500,000 and to reduce the overtime by only $1.1 million, which would still get you 1.6. >> so that would-so that would equivocate equate to 1.6 and both years? >> correct >> those are the only propose cuts for them? to our police department >> that would not accept the other cuts then >> that the but it
1:19 am
>> i recently attempted to our department and budget analyst >> i like to communicate the impact about $1 million cut on overtime. we currently have the final class committed to the department that will bring us to that full mandate of staffing of 1971. with that final class, we will spend all of our salary dollars. the amount that is sane in uniform salary. with that that means we will not have in the past, when we come for supplemental appropriation, there is been no need to increase sources or increase the budget overall because we just move the money from salary savings to overtime. we won't be able to do that. so, we would have to be generating a new million dollars we come for back for supplemental appropriation, if we do do that.
1:20 am
>> supervisor kim >> thank you. with a $1 million in salary savings that you already have in your budget today, what would happen to that $1 million? you could not use that overtime? >> i'm sorry. that's and 15-16 savings and that would be up to the mayor and the controller's office to be able to >> so salary savings goes back into the general fund? >> correct >> i still feel comfortable moving forward with this given we have 160 new opposite. by the way my general preference we had as many officers as possible so we can reduce overtime. i think it's important for us to have to fill out the department and the promises being delivered this year. so, for me it's hard to justify the overtime requested a given the new officers and also given, as the bl eight pointed out the super bowl is not happening this a good i do feel comfortable with this and
1:21 am
i also know the board has always supported a supplemental appropriation in the past with overtime. and i think that if you, and there's a justified reason for that that the board will support that. >> supervisor weiner >> thank you. first of all, the 1971, were not going to hit that until very late in the fiscal year. supper starting out the fiscal year 1971. it's not even close. if that were the case and of course i think were all in agreement that it's better to have people staffed rather than lie on overtime good with the fire department and mandatory overtime is. we are fixing up at the 1971 is not going to be hit until the end of your and that's even assuming 1971 is a real number that i know we have a dispute on the board of supervisors on that issue. 1971 is a number
1:22 am
set 30 years ago when we were smaller city but putting that aside it will not be hit after the late in the fiscal year. yes, the department can always come back to us pray supplemental for overtime and we know how that goes. whether it's the surest opponent or any other time and coming midyear for supplemental and not a supplemental reallocating existing budget, but actually asking to tap into the reserves to fund overtime and there will be a whole melodrama at the board of supervisors about because no one will remember this vote today. this is responsible department could predict its own overtime and is coming back to the board of supervisors meeting year to tap into our budget reserve to ask for overtime. when you could have just done it during the normal budget prosecute well, they are asking the during the noble normal budget process to have that overtime because they're not going to have the salaries to be able to shift over mid year. they are telling us that this is the overtime that there needed. they're willing to make concessions and i appreciate the department
1:23 am
doing that. but i don't want to discuss/in and asked her $5000 in overtime simply because we think it's a good number for us to bring into the budget. we know obviously the super bowl there's no super bowl but we know there's many reasons growing demands in the department of parks under normal neighborhood trolls that all sorts of events and protests and festivals and other happenings in san francisco with the department does not get cost recovery. we don't tell protests were street festivals, you have to start reimbursing the department for all the cost it's not what we had those are not our values as their savior we pay for that out of the general fund and that appropriate thing. but when we start restricting or making it hard for the department to use [inaudible]
1:24 am
what that means when the department has to put extra coverage for a protest worse festival or whatever other unpredictable thing may happen, that means we have fewer officers in our neighborhoods. so, i don't agree with this additional $500,000 in overtime cut. i think you'll undermine the department's ability to good public safety in san francisco. >> supervisor avalos >> thank you. if i were the committee i would take the motion and if it's not done here then it can be done at the full board and i do my melodrama. it seems like there's melodrama every meeting we have at the board of supervisors. i think this would this room was actually made to absorb melodrama. there's a lot in the crevices of the word. so i've no problem with that happening. it just what we do here at the board of supervisors. and, i commend the department for-and all of city
1:25 am
hall-forgetting us close to the 1971 number. we are not far away from the number because were actually now within striking distance of the next fiscal year to be will to choose 1971 and to me, that is significant can i think in the whole time i've been working at city hall we've only been there for a few months in 2009-2010. and we had a lot of retirements happened since then but we made a considerable effort over the years to make sure that we are at this place right now and so, as were hiring more officers were not in any to have as much overtime. i will than willing to roll the dice we can actually put a ceiling on it naturally to see the department and employee more effectively and more efficiently so that overtime won't be needed and we won't have to do a supplemental later on and hopefully, i will be in next year but i want to make sure that were setting up a high standard for lever is coming in to make decisions on what the overtime budget should be and i think ratcheting down by today would be helpful.
1:26 am
>> thank you supervisor avalos. colleagues on the not wanting to suggest that good i think were in a range zero dollar buys good thing is a little bit whatever the buckets go. supervisor yee were just discussing quickly want to do this the right way. sue so, odyssey, e supervisor weiner's comments on what is affecting our staffing levels and so forth. but i also want to make sure we do it right that a committee members phenomena suggest that it would go in recess for lunch. we will back at about 1 pm. then in the dump what i'm going to suggest is we work out continue to discuss the next hour please may be between you and some of the budget committee members and a budget analyst and see if we can come to
1:27 am
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1:41 am
>> okay, good evening everybody welcome back to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance committee for june 22, 2016. we are reconvening we have items number two and three on the agenda. right now, we have supervisor cohen has been inserted as a committee vice-chairman. replacing supervisor tang temporarily. colleagues, we want to do is go into recess. will be reconvening until tam >> you contend it continue
1:42 am
these items to tomorrow's meeting >> okay. colleagues, motioned them to continue this will take public comment. and you one wish to comment on on items two and three seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> a motion to continue items two and three june 23 we pick moved and seconded. we can take that without objection >>[gavel] >> any other business in front of us >> no other business >> thank you, everybody. we are adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address
1:43 am
wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez
1:44 am
deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to
1:45 am
continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle blower protections please seek www. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisor finance meeting for june 23, 2016. my name is mark farrell. i'll be chairing the committee joined by my -- to my right by my -- our katy tang and nor man yee. thank you linda, the clerk and jackson and phil smith from
1:46 am
sfgtv. do we have announced? >> please silence all cell phones and complete speaker cards and copies of documents to be completed and items acted upon will be on the july 12th board of supervisor agenda unless otherwise stated. >> would you call item number 1. >> item number 1 hearing on the city financial position and requesting the mayor's budget and legislative -- speaker: nothing here on item 1. we'll take public comment. anyone wish to comment on item 1. public comment closed. continue item 1 to the call of the chair. motioned by tang and yee. we can take that without objection. >> madam clerk, call items 4 -- >> four, ordinance of administrative code impose a fee for debit card transaction processed by the city. speaker: thanks very much. we
1:47 am
have amanda free from our treasure and tax collection's office to speak on this item. >> good morning, supervisors. you have a lot to get through, so we'll try to be quick. the public uses credit cards for beginning inspection fees, property taxes and business taxes: some payment was a convenience fee that covers processing or the transaction. the city contractor's collects this fee and disburse cost and compensated with the remainder. the city's contract with our internet vender. this provides us an -- it includes reducing fees and reasonable risk to the city's as set. this legislation has a convenience fee to cover our cost of bringing the collection in-house. without this fee, the city would have to absorb
1:48 am
these cost. the proposed rates will be continually monitored as interchange rate fees vary on the specific credit card being used. the rates in the ordinances are structured as no greater than, so they can be modified if wanted without returning for legislative change, however, the initial fee will be left from the cap. the office of the tax collector will calculate and adjust the rates in consultation with effected departments. and we expect a net savings foremost users making payments on the websites. thank you for your consideration. >> thank you mrs. free. any questions. we'll move onto public comment. anybody wish to comment on item number 4. seeing none. public comment is closed. mr. rose, there's no budget analyst reports on any of these two items, right? >> there's no budget analyst report, their chair.
1:49 am
>> or on item 5, is there? >> that is correct? >> okay. thank you. all right. colleagues, public comment is closed. a motion to send 4 forward with a positive recommendation. speaker: second. speaker: motioned by yee and supervisor tang. take without objection. would you call item 5. >> item number 5, fire codes to increase the fire department overtime for $133 to $134 per hour. speaker: next piece of legislation before you is a fee legislation accompanies the department's budget. it relates to overtime charges for the fire prevention. these are for after hour events and i inspections and these are all at the request of customers. if the increase is due to mou change and allow the department to recover its cost. >> thank you, colleagues, questions. mr. controller. >> mr. chair, members of the
1:50 am
committee, apologizes. both this item and the last item, we would suggest to the july 12th meeting. speaker: thank you for that. okay. we'll take care of item 4 in a second. thanks colleagues. no questions. move onto public comment. anyone wish to comment on item 5. seeing none. public comment is closed. colleagues, can have a motion to send 5 to the full board on july 12th meeting. >> so moved. >> motioned by tang and yee. a motion to resend the vote on 4. speaker: a motion. speaker: tim. speaker: motioned by supervisor yee. take that without objection. and then item number 4. can we have a move to send that item forward to july 12th board meeting. >> move it. speaker: motioned by supervisor yee and take that without objection. >> call 2 and 3, please. >> item number 2, proposed budget and appropriate ordinance a proeping all estimated receipts and all estimated expenditures for the departments of the city county
1:51 am
of san fern as of may 31, 2016 and for fy's ending in june 30, 2016 and june 30, 18. >> and item number 3, proposed annual salary ordinances enumerating positions -- speaker: colleagues we're in budget discussions. so we will go into recess. and we will -- yeah, we'll reconvene at 1:30. all right. thanks, >> okay, welcome back to recess for our budget and finance meeting for the san francisco board of supervisors for thursday, june 23, 2016. it's 2you.
1:52 am
>> all right. good evening we're back from recess for tuesday, june 21, 2016, items number one 4 and 56 are disposed of and only items two and three are considered recess for the meeting tomorrow morning june 24th in recess until 8 o'clock and we'll be reserving items two and three and can we take a vote. >> how about a motion by supervisor wiener and seconded by supervisor president london
1:53 am
breed without objection all right. we're in recess everyone >> >>[gavel] >> good afternoon everybody welcome to our budget and finance committee for friday, june 24, 2016. my name is mark
1:54 am
farrell i'm chairing this brief committee joined by supervisor katie tang and norman yee and scott weiner i want to thank our clerk of the committee that your young as well as the jackson from sfgov tv per covering today's media mr. card any announcements? >> please sounds all cell phones and electronic devices. >> thank you mr. card. with that please call items number one and two >> item number one, proposed budget and appropriations ordinance four department this year 2016-17 to item number two, proposed annual salary ordinance and appropriation ordinance four the school year june 30, 2017 and june 30, 2010 >> thank you. colleagues, we are the end of our committee budget season. i'm going to
1:55 am
keep this short is because i know people have places to go for the weekend. this has been now my fourth year chairing this committee could our thank my colleagues for your support during this process. i will say, i think this year is probably the most challenging year commodity and as we look at these funding opportunities i think was also the most rewarding in terms of highlights. we were able to find close to $50 million in additional asks this year during our board process. over $30 million towards housing and homelessness. over $7 million for youth and family services. over $7 million for lgbt communities in various capacities as well as over 69 dollars for public safety. as always, we attempted to do a very open process year for the at the board through the budget. i do think that what we have in front of us really is balanced a lot of priorities and really does reflect what
1:56 am
the mayor put forward a budget that reflects the values and priorities are set. so i want to thank you all for your support. this is obviously for the first time since i've been on the board, a budget predicated on funding from a sales tax and before the voters in november including $100 million for transportation and $50 million of funding for homeless department and i very much want to say i look forward to working with my colleagues to get it passed in november and make sure that funding stays a priority. in terms of the end of the process, let take a moment is budget chair to say thank you to a lot of people. first of all, to my colleagues in particular those on budget committee both supervisor tang and supervisor yee we do this every single week so thank you to both of you get supervisor jimmy are playing a lead role in a lot of these discussion. thank you for your leadership. do supervisor kim and weiner as well for your long nights. flawed staff and legislative aides it does not be done without you think you all--the entire team, thank you
1:57 am
for all your hard work but [inaudible] to our budget and legislative analyst, thank you again. this was a great year for the process. i think we continue to try and refine the process. we will continue to do so but thanks for all your hard work. i hope you get a good weekend off and [inaudible] has started all right. so, thank you for all your help and hard work. to our comptrollers office and in rosenfield to your entire team. thank you. again, i don't think anybody realizes how much this process and does not get done without an and his entire staff. so thank you for all your hard work. then, last but certainly not least my thing so important this year to our masers budget office did with the white house, to your entire team and i know this is your first year as i can budget director for our mayor be you did an incredible job.. i think kate would be incredibly proud of
1:58 am
how went down but thank you for all your hard work. you and your team the entire team i see back there, thank you everybody for the late nights and for all your hardware. so thank you all. lastly, to our city attorney, mr. gibner between these late nights is what i think we were talking super late last night or early in this morning i woke you up a few times oh thanks for your efforts in this regard. our clerk's office, thank you for being here in the last few days. doesn't it done without a famous 01 a thank you all for being part of this process and really proud that were the end of the road. and happy that were ended the road right now get for this year. something seven could open this up to a few comments and i know people to have to leave but let me view the sql things to begin after a few people say a few words. supervisor tang
1:59 am
>> thank you. especially because i have to leave soon i just want to echo all the thanks that supervisor farrell just gave and i will not repeat all them. thank you for all your hard work. >> thank you supervisor 10 thank you supervisor yee >> thank you chair farrell. yes, i echo the same sentiments in terms of thanking everybody. i want to thank particularly my staff who worked several weeks now and in particular, the last two nights [inaudible] and so forth. at the, and jim lobe, both worked very hard and they're a good team. they work with other staff with supervisors. just a wonderful experience for me to see this teamwork that unfolded. the budget refunded a lot of good ad backs and like always,
2:00 am
there's always going to be more needs and not enough money so it was difficult to always make that decision of what we want to support and what we don't. we want to support everything, but we have limited funding. i think the cover my second out of this was a very good compromise. we worked real hard to make sure that nobody was left behind. maybe we wanted to push certain issues but we all figured it out. so, thank you chairman farrell f working with everybody to make sure that we could have a conference of budget that could make our city better. thank you very much >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor weiner >> thank you mr. chair and again mr. chair i want to really thank you for your leadership. i know this is year four for you as budget chair. probably more than any human being has to put in but you do it well every year under very very difficult circumstances. so, from a bottom of my heart, thank you. thank you to all the
2:01 am
staff. mayor's budget office, comptroller, budget and legislative analyst, city attorney. city departments. as always, a massive undertaking and so i want to thank you for all your support and help in this process and i want to thank jeff cretin in my office for staffing the budget. this year. there's a lot of really really good things in this budget and i want to mention one of them that we were able to fully fund. the getting to zero program. that was a-this is of course getting to zero is the innovative absolutely cutting-edge san francisco plan to end all hiv infections in san francisco period to resumes to zero which is a monumental undertaking. something that was unimaginable even at few years back and once again it's what keeps san francisco not just on the cutting edge, but creating models for addressing
2:02 am
ultimately and ending the hiv epidemic that can be exported around the country and around the world. the budget package is $3.1 million. the mayor put in $600,000. this board of supervisors has put in the other $2.5 million. that's 100% funding this plan. the plan is great but without the funding attached to it it can't do what we need it to do. i want to thank personally and publicly thank chairman farrell for his incredible support in making the getting the funding possible and for having the back of the lgbt community. so, thank you to everyone. this is a good budget. >> thank you supervisor kim >> thank you i also want to concur with all the things that were already made to a variety of different department heads. our mayors office and mayor's office of budget and comptrollers office. i do want to thank melissa because it is your first year and i want to
2:03 am
tell you are staff really get into enjoy working with you on the budget so thank you and congratulations on leaving the home this year. i went to recognize some of the stuff matters other offices who do not sit on budget committee.. nick-sheila-beth rubenstein for working in representing your office as well for the budget process. and also want to of course my thank my staff bobby lopez for working so hard on this budget as well. of course, i want to recognize as always our community advocates for the tremendous advocacy you do to ensure the budget is reflective of the values and priorities that are city cares about. for spending months working on this budget starting to come to us some as early as january to really figure out how to best address some most pressing issues in the city, whether it's getting to zero, whether it's feeding our seniors,
2:04 am
nonprofit medication to ensure our services and arts can remain here in the city. of course, ensuring that we are addressing family homelessness and homelessness and mental health in general. i do also want to thank the budget coalition for your leadership every year. not just in coming up with the best ways to address this issue but then always coming to the table and figuring out how we can make the budget work, how we can come because of vital services and excepting those cuts and working with our offices just to be able to pass a budget every year that can make this work. so, thank you chair farrell. for your leadership on the process. i look forward to passing the budget in july. >> thank you. president breed >> thank you. i just want to say thank you to the entire committee for your work on the budget this year. i know that this is definitely a really difficult have to try and figure out what to be prioritize, what we should do as a figure we know what the problems are and we have to
2:05 am
work harder and put our dollars where the solutions are. i think this budget in general, as well as many of the ad backs here that were proposing actually does that. no, it does not go far enough, but it's definitely a start and i think will continue to work in that direction and thank you to all the city staff while the legislative aides, from the other offices, who including supervisor cohen legislative eight, my legislative eight, iris sam and connor and also especially, your team supervisor farrell worked really hard to balance all of the needs and demands and challenges of a definitely demanding group of individuals on the board of supervisors. i am looking forward to passing this budget out . of the full board our fingers crossed. and good work and let's keep doing what we need to to make the city better for everyone. thanks >> thank you supervisor lee.
2:06 am
colleagues, if no other-supervisor avalos >> i did want to block all the people who hope to work on the budget but i just want to say i'm glad it's all over. it's been a long few days, but i want to just talk about all the legislative aides and your work on the budget. this one the past few days has really been up led by the legislative aides would've done a fantastic job sorting through a lot of conflict,, and i thought that you guys did a fantastic job all around and of course, also have a particular bias for all the aides in my office to work on this. so thank you for all your great work. thank you for the budget committee, for your effort as well. i just want to say, it's been really good to work with the mayor's budget office and melissa whitehouse i think you did a fantastic job at mass and communion with
2:07 am
after kate-came on was on family leave. except stepping in and actually was great to see how you could through the process as well. so good work and thanks for leading us to this effort. >> thanks supervisor avalos. colleagues, so with that, if no other comments i'm going to entertain a motion good i'm going to read a few things into the record the motion can encompass in total. first of all, then a motion i can just items one and two for item 1 and two, that's all we have in front of his bid to amend motion one include amending items one and two to incorporate the tentative department reductions that we moved in the budget committee over the last two weeks. we also amend items one and two to reflect the budget adjustments detailed on the document titled budget amendments. it will accept the mayor's office tech
2:08 am
offices technical adjustments. it will authorize second controller to make adjustments as required to conform the budget committee's actions with budgeting and accounting standards. as necessary to effectuate the intent of the committee and balance accounts. then, move items number one and two gnu operational ordinance and the annual salary ordinance to the full board of supervisors on july 12, 2016 with a positive recommendation. >> so moved >> motion by supervisor tang to we the second by supervisor yee. any discussion? can we take that without objection. without objection, so moved >>[gavel] >> congratulations everyone. have a great weekend. >>[applause] mr. crook any other business in front of us? >> no additional >> thanks. we are adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >>
2:09 am
2:10 am
>> the municipal transportation agency board of directors at the parking commission for tuesday, june 28, 2016, ms. bloomer. >> oh, there it is okay. >> all right. roll call do the right thing is on her way >> director borden is on her way director nolan director ramos director rubke malcolm heinicke stated he'll not be with us we have quorum thank you. >> first of all, ladies and gentlemen, members of the board i'd like to welcome director shoe chosen by mayor ed lee and approved by the board of supervisors and officially
2:11 am
yesterday. >> no. well, just i look forward to working hard on this and appreciate the transformation privilege and responsibilities. >> glad to have you here. >> welcome director brinkman and use of cell phones, please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a interference with the microphones, we respectfully ask they be turned off. >> approval of the minutes. >> >> any further discussion? our. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> communication directors i have nun. >> members of the board. >> introduction of new or
2:12 am
unfinished business by the board of directors and siege none director's report. >> good morning. >> director nolan and members of the public and staff a number of things to update you as you may know i want to imagine that last week on i think the 22 we had to people who are riding their bikes in the city that were struck and killed by speeding automobiles as you may know we declared through our adoption of vision 2025 we'll no longer accept that people need to die in traffic violence and those too late fatalities like every other one yield avoidable
2:13 am
we're not accepting this should be happening in our city anymore i think everybody knows the transformation locations of the two one open jfk and thirty avenue and golden gate park a car speeding upward of thirty or 50 miles per hour and crossed over a lane and struck and killed a woman on her bicycle the other one on howard and 7 the transformation driver was speed up through a red light and struck and killed a woman on her bicycle fortunately because of some quick action by members of the public and the police the transformation person involved the alleged perpetrator howard and 7 brought into custody and charged insider the drivers on
2:14 am
jfk and golden gate park are at large call the transformation pole if you have any information to hold this person accountable for the transformation death he's responsible for. >> it is we believe we've been making progression on vision zero those two as well as the others we've had this here are just horrific we continue to focus on redesign of our streets to make them safer we at howard and 7 updated the transformation signal timing and enhanced the transformation crosswalks things we'll not stop someone speeding through a red light but continue the howard and fulsome bacon and eggs and infrastructure are
2:15 am
elevated from the transformation environmental impact report so we highway patrol with the transformation conclusion we'll move towards improvements on those streets south of market we do have as part of our vision zero efforts and we'll be reporting to the transportation authority vision zero committee later this week 47 projects that are the next adjudicator of the vision zero improvement project 22 capital projects that we'll complete 20 more will reach a major milestone with the transformation construction to proceed and you wouldn't non-construction with the transformation communication we complete by the end of 2017 so with your support and the support of voters and the funding we'll be advancing those projects working across the city to get those improvements in the
2:16 am
ground and sustaining that 13 miles ever high injury corridors will get the treatment in 2016 and others in 2017 as part of the vision zero go action plan we do continue to support the police and their focus on the 4 and focusing on the top 56 most dangerous driving behaviors that cause those problems and increasing their enforcement of those behaviors which is good they likely clearly needs to do more on the engineering and the enforcements side we need to do more on the education to make it less likely to center the tragedies continue to happy and telegraph hill working on the legislation wards to giving san francisco the authority to enforce speed with cameras
2:17 am
currently not allowed by the state of california but allowed by another communities across the country it is proven the federal safety administration to be effective and reducing collisions by a number of the 2025 percent of those collisions in the past week where speed was the preliminary collision factor so since we don't have enough police in the city or any city to police cameras can be effective we'll be working hard with the - our representatives and states legislature so weasel continue to redouble our efforts in terms of redesigning our streets to make them safer focusing on the high injury corridors we'll continue to
2:18 am
support the police and work across the city with our partners outside the transformation city education and the awareness and behavior change and seek the changes for local, state and federal level and our condolences to the family and friends of those who are grieving and we'll doing everything we can to prevent that from happening again on to happier news the preliminary competition for the cable car bell ringing was held thursday the cable car barn we have identified from that 6 be finalists and (calling names) two of those csa draw and others are first time finalists and csa
2:19 am
draw the first women to expedite in the finalists great to see that diversities into the championship on the heels of recertifying the third ever cable car person through this this is great news the judges or will many of you know from the sfmta board member and the chinatown trip and the improvement project karen johnson golden gate and darcy for sf beautiful and helped to sponsor the event with the transformation pete's and other folks attending those 6 folks will be xooeft against one of the winners last year on july 7th in union square
2:20 am
i believe it is at noon so look forward to seeing everybody want to thank the 53 annual police explosion a great way to highlight the transformation history and the skills of our cable car operators move on to a couple muni forward updates one of them is that construction will begin on the 9 san brand new improvements on two parts of 11 and bayshore those are improvements that the legislated last year sometime last year this project will bring a quirk more reliable ride and satisfactory space on the street to get on and off the bus for 20 thousand riders on the 9 r construction should be wrapped up by next spring and they
2:21 am
include a number of things transit glubz at bayshore and harrison and intersection of oakland and jerry read and transit island on 11 and bayshore and portland and stop options during the transformation construction we'll work with the construction cruise work on both sides and minor delays an muni and 11 but continue to maintain the route and maybe slight adjustments led by san francisco public works and doing everything we can to minimize the transformation impact on people driving and walking and, of course, on muni riders this capital projects are many things to make the 9 and 9
2:22 am
r faster and 20 thousand riders will benefit from those changes so great to see probation officer moving forward i wanted to give you an update on mission street and any improvements that we've implement as you may know that is been a lot of reaction to those improvements with positive and negative we hosted with supervisor campos last week, a community meeting in the mission cultural center and feedback cheryl brinkman was there a large crowd to remind you, we started this project the implementation in march and legislated earlier this year and last year we implemented it with the transformation goals of improving traffic safety and the muni reliability as with many of the muni projects we're getting a lot of vision zero and times two for
2:23 am
one benefit on many of the projects the transformation main element of the project constituent a transit only lane and a southbound or reconfiguration of street for the 3 two southbound one northbound and the nation of some of the single block stops and most notably i believe what is of most concern the term restrictions we have only one lane of traffic northbound the project diverts through traffic auto traffic right turns starting another caesar chavez and 26 24 and 22 and 16 i believe and it is those turn restrictions that we're hearing a lot of concern but at the same time, we're hearing a lot of very positive feedback in terms of the fact it worked in terms of
2:24 am
transit performance making that ride reducing the transformation delays and making it more reliable 80 so the transformation feedback on areas of safety for people walking and taking transit eye as well as for the buses themselves the transit benefits in terms of the reliability and traffic time and feedback on the stop configuration with the traffic impacts the neighborhood and business impacts and the outreach that was part of our process and about the evaluation of the impacts so the feedback has been essentially that the transit changes are really working well, for transit and heard back from a lot of these folks at the same time we've heard the transformation traffic changes made it more difficult for people to get to and around the mission and we heard if businesses and others that it was having a direct impact on
2:25 am
them and we heard feedback that the project may have caused people to frequent mission street more and others less we've gotten a lot of these feedback and e-mails and social media and 311 and telephone person and similar themes to what we heard at the meeting to insure we're capturing as much and complete feedback as possible we'll do an additional round of surveying like before the project we shared with i together with input from neighbors and muni riders who's voices are heard less in the discussion and to better assess the impacts we've conduct a fourth round or round in coordination to make sure we
2:26 am
better understand what stent or how the businesses are being impacted ouch u obviously we don't want to negatively impact the transformation businesses if there are impacts that are negative what things to neglect that to how the businesses are impacted and not weaken the transformation project and not solve what is a real issue of impacts so we will continue to work and likeable bring something back this july meeting in terms of adjustments to the project as well as updates on other things we're doing such as working with office of economic workforce development i'll have more likely in the next meeting on mission street i want to note
2:27 am
that supervisor campos is hit hard on all sides of the issue and trying to bring the folks together and working with solutions and i want to acknowledge him we had a quick update it was pride weekend which for us city's transportation agency was a big deal the transformation sfmta worked seemingly to work with the transformation pride celebration and particular across if sustainable streets traffic folks and parking and enforcement to our communication folks to our revenues support folks really a tremendous cross agency effort working in collaboration with the transformation city and with the department of emergency services to make sure we have put it oh, well it did we had a number of
2:28 am
things the transformation tra transmarch friday night with the transformation giants game and critical mason saturday and other marches in the giants game and sunday the parade wrap up so a lot of strain on the system but john haley described that the transformation rail service was spectacular you noticed the transformation two car train the extra service for the transformation two events the transformation parade and the giants game on sunday we were able to clear the transformation ball park in thirty minutes that is phenomena working hard to make sure across the city so we're able to get around the transformation city customer service what great lots of inspectors and ambassadors and others working to help people get to where they're going and we had no major problems to
2:29 am
report no criminal imagination related to the event a great event by the transformation staff and by the rest of the city and the events participants and finally i wanted to announce give you an update. >> couple of updates that are none great but wanted first of all, as you may know we the city of san francisco had short listed as part of the united states department of transportation challenge grant of 80 cities we were part of finalists and submit an application for 40 plus $10 million grant we submitted the application at the end of may and last week we were notified we're not the
2:30 am
transformation winner columbia ohio was selected at the winner we certainly congratulate all the cities we objectly feel ours was the strongest but nevertheless, we wish them well good news from the tremendous effort by lots of folks in the organizations and others across the city there is a lot of that came out of that process that will in this case without the transformation grant we had a lot of great ideas think outside the box and great partnerships were developed what a formation of the city's partnership with the ufltz ucsf and a lot of engagement on the issues
2:31 am
thinking about how we can challenge the innovation 2, 3, 4 transportation in san francisco and ways that advance our policy goals so although we're stipulated disappointed we didn't within there recent we congratulate columbus and eager to see what we can learn but the momentum will continue and the immediate reactions from many of the partners in any case that's where that ended and whether or not relayed i also wanted to let you you know that tim who is the transformation leader of that effort and really accident a tremendous job of double or triple times job over the last month's to pull together the transformation team and pull that application together let me know on friday, he is moving on and been with
2:32 am
the transformation agency for quite a while and most recently as the chief moofgs officer he brought a unique perspective to the agency and pushed us in his role and planning roles and innovation role to embrace the best of the best practices i think he held helped to create best practices that are now being replicated across the country through other means he himself is seen as one thing the transformation leading gloshld transportation folks he's very much in damaged by organizations across the transformation world i think it is reflected well on the city and the mta after his earlier career in los
2:33 am
angeles so while we're very sorry to see him go he's moving on to exciting things we want to wish him well, i didn't have time to make the certificate we'll do but i wanted to take the transformation opportunity before he walked out the transformation door to thank him for many years of dedicated is service and the transformation city and ask him if he wants to come up and say a few words words. >> it is biter sweet to be up here and talk about a project we'll work on nixon next i'm leaving the transformation agency it was a hard decision to leave been an honor and privilege to serve the city the last 7 and a half years so it is pretty amazing and looting the
2:34 am
transformation mta and i was proud to be part of team it lead the efforts that started to change the transformation direction of the agency we should be pride we're one of the cities in the world to have a revised network design to complete street designs and vision zero and bicycle policies for all the things have been national best practices and some things the park i was not involved in but helped across the country there is a lot of good things what you haven't seen the internal things that helped reenergizes and helped the transformation agency on - i think this is been a great
2:35 am
tremendous effort. >> was talking about where i should tell you i am going i'm primgd we've been working over the last two years on integrating the transformation lines of transportation and integrating and the last indication over the next 5 years the transformation transportation challenges their immense and huge i've accepted a position probation officer have the role for the new google soft driving car project that's why i'm heidi building the future is autotion and get ahead of it i look forward to celebrating with you over the next month i leave at the end of next month to start my new contrary. >> thank you for your creativity, energy you brought
2:36 am
to the entire agency and to all of us you've been involving in important things and helped the transformation city for years and years to come congratulations and look forward to your success and we'll get each a driverless car we'll test them for you (laughter). >> thank you very much . >> (clapping.) >> thank you director reiskin and commissioners questions or comments. >> director brinkman i'll echo director reiskins sent times good to hear the transformation feedback and thank you supervisor campos for working hard to make sure that we're hearing all the voices i'm confident as director reiskin noted there you are changes we can make to the project that perhaps help people out and not bite into our goals of safety
2:37 am
asia transit efficiency and reliability the last thing hurt any of the businesses that will be important to gather some data and look at it what is going on along the corridor we we can do as agency city to help the transformation businesses the transformation mission is undergoing such change and hard for people to see what is happening in their neighborhood and is not want to be part of pine pain but the transformation progress and hearing and seeing how we can improve public school corridor. >> thank you for attending that meeting and director reiskin. >> thank you for i am i brought this up a couple months ago i heard from merchant and the concern you know when i look at the transformation transit first policy it talks about the purpose to help with the transformation people in commerce not just about the transformation bus again about the community and the transformation reason we have
2:38 am
the neighborhoods in the commercial corridors as a rider of that line i can say the improvements worked and people not making the transformation turns or not - i think f we can figure out those intersections it is harder to figure out those intersection i know some of the businesses said after the drop they've senile things come back and, of course, it it takes time behavior to adjust after the changes but look forward to the new improvements and offer my help. >> thank you director borden board members. >> director ramos. >> i appreciate all the transformation work i'm sorry, i couldn't be there i was out of town on a long time vacation i want to make sure that that conversation keeps on going and
2:39 am
- the transformation other things there was so much in that director's report it is crazy i was really disappointed to hear about the tragedies that occurred with the transformation loss of life with the people on bicycles and we know we'll talk about it later i want to make sure people understand this is part of reasons that advocates parking protected bike lanes in the future i then an example of how valuable those parking electricity bacon and eggs and the speed enforcement and cameras those are important but you know as someone who that is my neighborhood and ride my bicycle there any other cyclists out there i think we owe to everybody to make sure that we
2:40 am
explore every opportunity to offer the transformation maximum protection as possible on the streets i certainly hope we'll learn from this opportunity and consider as we go forward. >> thank you members of the public. >> none turned in a speaker card any anyone wish to comment. >> before we move on next i'd like the transformation members content we adjourn the transformation meeting in memory of carla johnson from the transformation mayor's office on disability and laparohe will a strong advocate so for paratransit that recently paratransit so the members content and send letters to the families. >> item 8 advisory report no report and item 9 public comment
2:41 am
at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction and not on today's agenda the first speaking (calling names). >> i want to continue on i speak at the last meeting and talk about the airline projects on the air tlifls street it downgraded the transformation service and the island can't get the transformation results the reason is people still can be hit by the coming cars when they walk to the island so to improve the - the transformation important thing to stop the transformation moving cars to me to stop the transformation cars is educate
2:42 am
and law enforcement have you ever see any boarding zone ask a driver to stop their car have you ever see message on the streetcar ask them to stop their car at the boarding zone and then see it so to me the sf municipal transportation agency can do a better job using the transformation i'd like to make the efficiency and save viral for riders. >> and hear my single voice-over thousands of people are signed a petition for the residents and the businesses to
2:43 am
want all the stops as tliflsz street and want you guys support that's it thank you. >> next speaker, please. >>. (calling names) >> good morning. >> good morning board here to speak about moving the transformation tech shuttle buses to golf street and make a public comment those buses are using their approve service they're used by a select few in the city and not using a public space that feels bad i'm skeptical of the claim those buses pull the cars off the road tech companies recruit and say you can live in san francisco and shuttle down there are people choosing to live in san francisco because those buses exist i believe that van ness is
2:44 am
a more appropriate street in the commercial but residential i'll suggest putting the buses on the new luxury high-rises they'll be using those buses the other comment the folks waiting in lines are closing the pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk we can walk outside our front door we have to navigate between people and mention i know that owning a car in san francisco who am i to criticize when i moved here i made 40 grand a year and bought a motorbike for 14 hundred bucks and people are using these and part of middle-income and protecting of san francisco the corner of golf and bush a young boy was killed last year and newcomers incidents cars crashed into the buildings on that street and i'd like to nose when
2:45 am
the buses are pulling up they clog the transformation traffic and see the cars are fluted and speed around the buses and makes me concerned over a intersection it is crowded already thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> morning. >> good morning how are you i'm here to speak about muni and muni's employees i have noticed that the transformation transportation is like when i'm standing up outside raven thirty or 40 minutes for a streetcar or bus you're busy broke down and need to get working buses for people on the street and also the transformation other i hear from resource i
2:46 am
can't reveal but muni employees are sick don't call in you have to have themselves call in too many buses out of service and waiting for a bus forever thanks. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> >> good morning good morning board my name is scott i live in the mission and i'm one of the riders of the commuter shuttles i'm here before you to basically firmer the transformation value of the shuttles and ask you to please create a stop to replace the stop that used to be at 18 and church so i am able to live without owning a car because i'm able to
2:47 am
ride those commuter shuttles and although i'd love to take public transportation it is really not practical for my commute is makes it about 50 percent longer almost 3 hours already and the commute is longer than recently because there's not been the to the at 18 eye church it is only - the transformation next closet was 24 and valencia that is twice as long as a walk and now moved to 26 and van ness to twaertsdz of a mile and a lot of people that take the transformation shuttle a drive i personally don't own a car i mentioned but think about whether i need to reconsider and
2:48 am
hope the transformation board b will please create a new stop at delores and delores park is a good option for me thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good morning. >> good morning board. >> so i'm also an employee of facebook and someone that used the transformation commuter shuttle i want to make a general comment my shuttle stop a not impacted i love living in san francisco and moved here recently and probably continue to do so even if the transformation shuttle are removed but makes my journey farther i ask you to think about the employees that value san francisco and who want to be part of the transformation community and a lot of young people like
2:49 am
me we choose not to drive cars not because we can't afford it i choose not to drive i'd like to live a car free lifestyle not a matter of wealth but better for the transformation city and environment thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> i'm a rider of commuter shuttle is it so an amazing resource for the past 4 years it enables me not to drive into the congested 101 and the caltrain if work for the length of the commute to get down to the companies in the peninsula that's why i think shifting to a hub model will force me not to drive into work and coming up
2:50 am
more spaces in the city already with the clipper card a lot of the coworkers are driving into work i'll consider whether i should get parking near my house and park and drive myself in and it is longer i know this is i was disappointed despite the transformation proposal for 18 and delores i understand the concerns around the airline streets but commuter shuttles are important by enabling people to be part of the community san francisco is not a city i intend to leave the transformation shuttle program makes it more confident not a tax on the road and allows the transformation board to focus on any other programs allowing the transformation companies to step in for public good i hope with
2:51 am
the continued evaluation to continue to priorize and given them the opportunity for people to live where they want and to make sure we focus on real transit priorities not served by other interests thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> the last person that turned in a speaker card to address the transformation board on matters not on the agenda. >> good morning. my name is a alex and fortunately the shutter by delores park was removed and the closest one on 26 like 8 blocks away we firmly believe that we feel - we have like two cars for all 3 people apartment and we were not driving to work we had a shuttle stop we have
2:52 am
two cars and find ourselves driving all the time i have to take cars and rectify parking on the streets we have one garage parking spot it is hard to maintain and greatly appreciate if you somehow keep the shuttles maybe on 18. >> anyone else care to address the transformation board. >> ms. bloomer. >> the transformation calendar, are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests mr. chair i'm or i've not received and indication any members of the public worries about to sever an >>
2:53 am
>> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. the consent calendar is approved. >> the item 1130 years the director to authorized the transit fair bos system with - to provide the revenue system a data collection and reporting computer aided dispatch integration and warrant for maintenance for not to exceed $30 million and a term not to exceed 16 years mr. chair there's no members of the public that wish to address you on this matter. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> members of the board and director reiskin i'm jason lee from the transformation technology division before we goat into the details of what the fair bos is i'd like to give you a little bit of background on the project and why it is needed currently fareboxes on all the vehicles
2:54 am
dating to 199112 years and at the end of their useful life their refurnished as recently as 2008 but not updated and the current vendor is no longer support of fair bos and out of far box they continue to do on bart cv m on the vendor machines in the subway stations we're extending the transformation fleet and no boxes reaching and our fair bos built on the 25 years technology don't provide a track individual action so some of the benefits of new fair bos include enhanced
2:55 am
reliability eye directing your attention and fair equipment - we are going to improve revenue security and tracking as i mentioned earlier and reduce the costs of operation and maintenance and newer equipment and perhaps most significantly we'll be replacing our existing transfers with ones issued from the transformation offices themselves i'll go into that in a little bit the fareboxes can accommodate future changes should the transformation board go in that direction and as i mentioned earlier be able to track the transformation analysis of how people pay with cash so here are the transformation terms of the contract our
2:56 am
contract is with s p x and people in the audience here the length of the contract is 5 years with the option to step up for 2 additional 5 year terms so we're looking at a total of 15 years to actually consider that one year might implement the system the cost for the bay system is approximately $22 million plus about $600,000 a year for prevent maintenance the total not to exceed $4 million over the 5 year term approximately 13 hundred fareboxes they'll go on all the vehicles except the transformation combrashs cable cars there is other equipment
2:57 am
through the transformation computers and software system and parts and the integration with our radio system and the timeline will go over is approximately, six months for the installation this is a diagram of what the fair bos will look like the transfer at the top there the color is white which our customers will be able to interact with and the bills can be snertsdz as well as the transformation bill slot this fair bos is assessable for the americans with disabilities act going to the - on the transformation left an image of the transfers
2:58 am
and that will transform into transfers that are issued from fair bos those whre box those w- there will be an expiration of 9 minutes and in the transformation late transfer policy and include the transformation security the transfers have no value except in the far box people will not be transferable and less transfer wait because we'll only print as noted this diagram here shows the revenue transfer and collection system that is used to transfer revenues from the transformation
2:59 am
f fare box to our - that cashbox is transferred to the orange reserveer that empties into the mobile valet and those revenues are transferred by arm truck to the collections. >> this interacts with a lot of stakeholders and with the transformation ouch program to the customers as well as to the internal staff will be affected by the fare box system as you can see the details of all the
3:00 am
different types of positions that be will be impacted as well as the transformation publpubli - we'll go to the board of supervisors it is $10 million and later this summary issue receipts to the vendor and complete the training of the our folks and then we'll start implementing at the pilot position that will make sure we workout the concerns and by spring we should have accepted this that's my presentation if you have any questions. >> thank you, mr. lee.
3:01 am
>> i have a quick question i appreciate all the author outreach i have a question and appreciate the note that the ada is wonderful and vested or vested with any people especially with the visual impairment sometimes - and then it didn't work i want to make sure that vesting is taking place. >> that's a great question we presented to mac so everyone has a change - >> accessibility advisory committee; is that correct. >> we presented to them probably about a month or two ago and had a chance to subcontract with the boxes. >> great. >> this is the change correct. >> the exact change. >> you can't use krrdz. >> no.
3:02 am
>> did you think about those at all. >> clrpz two want to looking at the technologies may include krrdz or ways of open payment systems that system itself is not have that. >> in the future it is set up with the technology to accommodate that. >> we're looking at that potentially the clipper system this fare box doesn't have this currently embedded if the fare box. >> but what will the new muni an. >> it is separate one of the issues where implementing krrdz is the latent fee time to verify the krrdz through the clipper program we're looting that 2. owe. >> how will the app interact.
3:03 am
>> the app is separate when you use the muni mobile app it is tied to our credit cards you'll see that the operators and inspectors see that someone has purchased a ticket to a muni mobility and that is completely individual this is another way to pay. >> i mean, i wish there was some way those two a, aligned so the driveway is not - >> the muni mobile app is primarily verified with the transit fair inspectors the people can flash it the verification is done by the inspectors. >> if i may mr. chair, i that that i want to make sure it is clear this driver the operators didn't do any enforcements; right? with payment and so i
3:04 am
think that what happens is if you're paying with a credit card to the directors want it is important that people know you can't do that and get the word out when you pay with a credit card you you know do it there the app and no interaction with the operators i want to make sure we have a policy or awareness at least that from my understanding not to the r not the operators job to enforce the proof of payment as needed or might be acquired through the mobile muni app; is that correct. >> what we've - been working to remove the operator from the traction one of the leading causes of assaults on operators are disputes of the fair transaction so the guidance that is given to the operates is if
3:05 am
someone is intraerg from the front door is didn't pay or show the mobile app or transfer or some other proof of payment the operators should engage with the consumer to reminded them they need to pay if the computer didn't this is a change in policy if the consumer doesn't the operator didn't pursue the issue the operators has enough to do their jobs that's why we have the inspectors and entered by 20 percent the number of inspectors and their equipped and trained to be able to deal with fair transaction and i know we hear from a lot of folks people get on without paying a lot of ways that people can pay without even without the clipper card with the student passes and
3:06 am
transfers a lot of people have clipper cards whether this is a pass or free muni or a policy they should tap a card they've paid so the last time we look at the fair compliance that jason led that was relatively low 7 percentage and 7. 9 percent so something we're concerned about but found more harm good than coming from the operators having to engage with folks so that's a long answer but continually insuring that people pay fair share but a stack of muni rides it sits up front of the operator is another cause of assaults on operators so moving
3:07 am
to this eliminates the transfer even though it - it is really a great thing not just for the system but for the operators in particular so operators safeties benefits are important here i do awhile i might commend jason and the folks he's working with under the leadership the chief walton and our chief financial officer as he said this project will touch a lot of folks the operators, the mechanics the fare box shop a lot of people had been impacted and a lot of work with a lot of fleet types those fare boxs have to spend a lot work in good clean procurement process to get us to the point this will make a difference for the riders and operators and for everyone else that touches the fare box in
3:08 am
muni. >> thank you jason. >> another point. >> another question i was going to ask i know we have a 90 minute window and the reasons people like getting the fairs the paper transfers the driver will be more generous than the muni policy i don't know if we looked at why we choose 90 minutes and not 2 hours i think that 49 from the mission to van ness and back is two hours your transfer wouldn't get quick so i don't know i'm not trying to open up the pandora's box for 90 minutes that is one of the concerns for people in the transfer. >> i don't know that that is something we've looked at recently but i do know we have one of the most generous transfer policies in the country and a lot of systems don't offer
3:09 am
transfers many that offer them like in new york not free unlimited rides for a period of time some are more restrictive and only one way and in a continuous route so something we can look at in the board desires it is true that they're generous tears in the transit system it will bring the transfer a reality in line with the current fair policy. >> director ramos. >> yeah. i had a quick question about the enter face with the customer or the passenger i should say on slide 5 under the fare box features wondering if we'll have any input on this design here i think it could
3:10 am
stand for improvements. >> yeah. this is diagram is just the standard model so if you have any particular suggestions. >> i think that the only people that care are the x p x jen fair being the first one people who are looking for a fare box revenue machines i don't know if there are a lot of people in san francisco it would be a good opportunity to make sure when you know particularly people riding from out find town we've had a lot of people what goes where and if you have a clipper cards you know this should be clear where the clipper card is tagged and if you're trying to speed a transfer it is clear you're not pushing your transfer where you'll get one out all of this this can be more intuitive than
3:11 am
it is i don't know the diagram can look more like a bill you you mention what i mean 2 need to be designed intuitive so that i know when i go to other cities eye experience the systems for the first time is it so overwhelming and takes time what am i supposed to do where and it is increasing worse if i don't speak the language and a lot of folks english as a second language so it is challenging it is important that has san francisco is diverse of a ridership we have that raise the bar how intuitive those machines are and so it can be readily available to anyone and understandable what media you have to be able to -
3:12 am
>> director ramos thank you for your feedback we'll be working with the communications group to put on decals on the fare box to do exactly what you're talking about this is just like the model for the fair it won't look like this. >> thank you. >> i'm curious is there a way to rewrite the software to change the transfer times depend on where the buses are located or what time of day. >> yes. that's a great examine director shoe it is to adopt to any fair policies that the board adopts for example, if you choose to modify the expiration from the minutes to two hours or policies bans times of day is this fare box will do that in
3:13 am
addition a reference to plugging two the cat our radio communication the cat l system if you have dispatch automatically to tell us which route a bus or train is on so we'll be able to know when someone puts in a fair what will be able to record an event with the location and time stamp so in the future if you decide that that different routed for different fairs box. >> thank you, mr. jason, i know that people will miss the paper transfers you'll tap into that many kids get tattoos.
3:14 am
>> our dwell time will not change they'll rip off the transfer but they'll push a button and it sounds like it will decrease that directing amount brought to your attention that the cash we spend $8 million i think what was number and perhaps bring that number down a bit. >> well, we have not - looking at a similar process in terms of our cash reserveers we're not - >> this is great i think that will be really good to update
3:15 am
and transition more people to clipper cards and they move that generous benefit we've had and i think this is going to be such a good opportunity for us to perhaps be the last board that spends money on fare box and take 5 or 6 years as the time in which we transition and start to wean people off the cash completely a timeline of 5 years to do that would be perfect it had you been fantastic i know the fewer fare box will be only a clipper tag or a proof of commitment maybe a medium term motion. >> that sounds like a motion. >> mr. chairman none turned in a speaker card.
3:16 am
>> anyone wish to comment sienna emotion and second seeing none, the i's have it. >> presentation discussing the regarding the transportation 2030 task force directors no numbers of the public have an interest in addressing you on this matter. >> glad someone has director reiskin. >> yes. >> 3 minutes. >> i failed to turn in any speaker cards. >> director. >> good morning board members want to take the opportunity to give you an update on the transportation 2030 process and in particular because we hope there to be things moving to the ballot this november and the
3:17 am
decisions in the coming weeks in this building want to make sure your counter with all that is happening so just to remind you the transportation task force was convened by mayor ed lee back in 2013 it was 50 folks from around the city business from labor to community groups and advocates to develop a road map what the mayor say was this was an area of city policy area we've not paid attention he pulled forked to get our arms around what we need to do invest in infrastructure and meet days and future needs the task force made a recommendation to refresh
3:18 am
you're asking for memory i'll walk through this is a snapshot this is just folks know fairly broad-based groups groups that participated and others following the task force work so i'll say the universe of folks focusing on the transportation in the city and additional effort that was great so obviously the champ that we faced back in 2013 not different than at challenge today although we've made great progress but from conditions on our streets to the stress on the transit system to the safety issues we talk about at every meeting the challenge it there in terms of more difficult to reliable and get around the city so that was the context the
3:19 am
finding of the task force were that the infrastructure that we have today and the condition it is in is not going to be accurate to meet today's let alone future needs as a result the task force development recommendation and all the finding sounds like but from anecdotal to analytical we brought this data a lot of information conditions of our systems not just ours but bart and caltrain and others and information about the conditions of the streets so that folks can think this not we need to do something but have particular needs and how best to aid them so these railroad the 3 recommendations that the first
3:20 am
to invest in programs that really have the best bank for the buck in terms of improving the transportation system specific recommendation regarding revenues to pursue locally to meet the needs and recognizing we can't meet all the needs but continue to get the federal and state dollars to compliment the investments locally so with regard to the first recommendation while the folks on the task force understood as we do today a lot of growth into the city i think what the education that was provided the dictated that was provided pointed to say that the state of current infrastructure that is maintained and responsible for the underlying current system on the streets and muni and others providers that has a pretty gn